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Why is SkillGi So Innovative & Unique?

Why is the Skillgi Program Ground-Breaking? ...                  Because The Skillgi Uniform, Flash Cards, SkillGi Bean Bags and Skill-Drill Mat combined with the games and drills developed by the Skillgi Team makes the Skillgi Basic Skills Program the only one of its kind in existence today!  

Colorfully Shaping Kids' Futures

   "Ground-Breaking" "Innovative & Futuristic"
"Amazing" "Awesome"
"Very Impressive" "Kids Love It" 

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Wearing the Skillgi Uniform immerses kids in fun skill building games that enhance cognitive and critical thinking by teaching kids to "connect the dots" using their Skillgi Uniform, Flash Cards and Skill-Drill Mat. Every kid wants to be a Super Hero and wearing their Skillgi makes them feel that hero energy to excel.

Kids love Flash Cards!

The Skillgi Flash Cards are an attention-grabbing integral part of Skillgi fun games and drills. The Flash Cards match the colors and shapes on the Skillgi Uniform as well as on the Skill-Drill Mat to enhance focus, balance, cognitive thinking, and basic skills.

SkillGi Bean Bags are the latest addition to the SkillGi Program. The Bean Bag colors match all the existing SkillGi elements and are used in conjunction with The SkillGi Uniform, Flash cards, and Skill-Drill mat to bring another level of skills and excitement to the SkillGi Program.  

The Skill-Drill Mat is like "Twister" with a Twist when used with either, or both the Skillgi Uniform and Flash Cards. The coordinating colors to the Skillgi Uniform and Flash cards along with colored directional lines makes the Skill-Drill Mat a kid's favorite!


During the first few years of life children develop cognitive skills very quickly. In a great Kid's Program, the focus should be on at least three cognitive skills – attentiveness, thinking process and memorizing. These skills are needed for a child to learn how to think and how to process what they have learned. The Skillgi Program teaches all these skills and much more...It is the very best Basic Skills Program with a Purpose in existence today!                                Call Skillgi Today to find a location near you! Skillgi Toll Free 833-754-5544

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