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Colorfully Shaping Kids' Futures


SkillGi is a unique, innovative, multi-sensory and most importantly fun program that builds basic skills by recognizing your child's curiosity, energy and desire to be rewarded and recognized for good behavior, acts of kindness and completing tasks.

The SkillGi Program takes a "Multi-Sensoryapproach that was created and backed up with the latest research in early childhood development. SkillGi provides the growth and development your child deserves by immersing them in amazing games by wearing the SkillGi uniform with its bright colors and shapes, fantastic flashcards and the challenging skill-drill floor mat to animate and gamify the experience of learning focus, memory, direction following, coordination and cognitive thinking while developing self-confidence. SkillGi classes are an imaginative way to embrace a child's natural desire to solve problems and their parent's nurturing desire for their child to work toward a better future.

Before enrolling your child in programs that focus on "sport specific" skills, make sure they have mastered their basic skills first such as motor skills, balance, coordination and social skills like taking turns and communicating clearly. Like many parents, I cried inside as I watched my daughter run the wrong way during a game or zigged while everyone else zagged because she didn't understand the rules, so I know first-hand why the SkillGi Program is so beneficial.

SkillGi is a parent's best way to slowly and carefully introduce their children to basic skills so that eventual participation in other programs and sports is much smoother and easier.


To find SkillGi classes near you, CLICK HERE or call us at 833-754-5544

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