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Justin Rios Certified as an Official SkillGi Instructor

February 20, 2022

Congratulations to Professor Justin Rios of The EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts in Saddle Brook, NJ on being certified as an Official SkillGi Instructor. Justin was one of the first instructors and school owners who tested and used a SkillGi in private lessons. Justin is a 6TH Degree Black Belt Sil Jun Do Defense System, Kru-Full Instructor/ Fighter SuriyaSak Muay Thai, 2nd Degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, 4TH Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do and an MMA Champion.

“As an academy owner the SkillGi has been a game changer. It grabs the attention of the students freeing the instructor up to focus on the lesson and not entertainment. With a fresh new look on an old style, the SkillGi provides children with a fun new uniform that transcends the learning process.

The included curriculum streamlines the class and places the students and school owner in a position for immediate improvement and success.”

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